Algorithmic payment method Cappadocia Token

The world's first non-independent financial crypto project. We are planning to provide a local service that offers crypto transactions based on tourism, especially in the Cappadocia region.

0 Commission New payment method

You do not have to pay commissions for any transaction you make from organizations that have a contract with CAPA.

Passive Bonus

Thanks to the one-to-one liquidity, you always earn while using cappadocia tokens, and you don't need to do anything for it.

One-to-One Contact

You can get the answer to every question you have in your mind during your Cappadocia trip from our local organizations.

Maximum Security

When using CAPA, you do not need to worry about the security of your information. Thanks to blockchain technology, your every transaction is encrypted from start to finish.

Security and Reporting

High Security reporting for corporations.

Algorithmic artificial intelligence technology, Capa Token provides you with high security thanks to transfer-based encryption on the block.

  • P2P Privacy.
  • Analysis reporting (Time, Size, Institution Transfers).
  • Hash checking.
Working Principle

How Does Cappadocia Token Work?

  • 1
    Process Start
    The customer or the organization initiates the transaction through the integrated system for the transfer.
  • 2
    Volume Regulation
    The amount to be transferred is first added to the liquid. This creates volume.
  • 3
    Completion of the Transfer
    The transferred amount is transferred to the other party and the transaction is encrypted with the hash codes of past transfers.

Budget allocated for development


Individual Investors


Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners

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Cryptocurrencies are digital assets that are used as virtual currency and do not exist in any physical form. They are secured by cryptography, that is, encryption.

There are many alternatives for this. A few of them are: TronLink, Trust Wallet, Cold wallets and exchange accounts.

Cappadocia Token is a crypto currency that aims to carry out financial transactions in tourism regions, especially in the Cappadocia region, with 0 commission.

You can pay to our contracted institutions with your own wallets. If you want, you can convert your tokens to fiat currencies from local institutions in the region or you can make transactions through your stock market account.

Cappadocia Token works with the one-to-one liquidity system, All transfers are added to the liquidity first, thus providing volume. Since the sales of external factors are limited, there is no possibility of loss of value. On the contrary, it is possible to earn passive income.


Simple setup & Fast integration

If you have a business in the Cappadocia region, contact us. Complete the installations in your business within 72 hours.


Organizations that support our project